Short Poem: “Simple”


My only need is simplicity

Don’t need your cars

Don’t like your cities

My misery- this place has left me

Un-sacred hallow

Derails my thoughts

The core shall come out

From within

That’s what frees you in the end.

I try…

I try and nothing’s left behind.

Your evil eye stares through the hourglass


See me in the looking glass

Hours pass by

And still I try

To pass them by

And they defy

Since they don’t fly

And nothing is left behind…


3 thoughts on “Short Poem: “Simple”

  1. Heyy! Sorry I have been MIA for a very long time. Been so busy with grad school, a new job and trying to eke out some time to write. Eh…I took a 4-month blog break earlier in the year.
    Wanted to thank you for still following my blog. I also love this poem. It resonates. I love the theme and topic of simplicity.
    I hope you’re well!

  2. Wow, hey Cyndi! I just found this in my inbox. Like you, I have taken some time off from almost all things online. Thanks for the comment and I am glad this poem resonates with you. I haven’t written a poem in years! These were re-posted from HubPages some time ago. I would be honored to write a guest post on your blog! Please tell me what you are looking for and then we can move forward! Always great to hear from you!


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