Poetry Series: The Vower

This was a poem I wrote about my ex-girlfriend who died in a car accident 2 years after we broke up. I didn’t get to properly mourn her death because I was with a very jealous woman at the time (yea, jealous of a dead girl! Imagine that!) I penned these words when I finally got to terms with her passing. For the record, I am happily married to my beautiful wife but this is what I was feeling all those years ago…

The Vower: A Short Poem

While you’re up there

I miss you here


I long your kiss

Is it me that you miss?


Our place we share

I will not dare


To disturb the ground

For by love I am bound.


To hold and tell

Fate’s deepest well,


And now I state

I’ll drink in fate


And full I am

Of you and kin,

My smile falls

Upon my chin.


I can not wait

Until the time,

That you in full,

Attuned as mine.


I share my love,

With you, Devine

In contract with

The great grape-vine.


Contrast, should we

Upon the world

And you’re my one,

Perfect girl.


For you I love,

And love, I do

I only wish

To be with you.




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