Short Poetry Series: “Deploy” and “In the Boots of Shultz” War Poems

I have always been against unnecessary war and conflict. It seems that in my lifetime, we have always been fighting some war in a far land. It is sad when we fight over natural resources like oil. These two poems are based on a view of war and the battle field. I am not a soldier but many in my family have served and I thank all veterans for their service.



Wait for orders

Move slowly…



Bring in the gun-men

Shoot to kill

Nothing to feel

Except that lonely chill.



Time to move in

Seek out your nemisis

Veins are frozen

But still you move.

Your adrenaline pumping

Heart’s gonna explode.

You gotta get that bastard

Release your load on him.



Let all your anger out

From times past gone

Closer to the enemy

Your patience worn.

Life flashes by your eyes

The moment is near

You move on instinct

You try not to care.





“In The Boots of Shultz”: A Poem

A Different Perspective

Dear Diary,

For many months I have lived the same dreadful routine. Wake up, eat, role call, and then the “daily duties”. Usually these duties are distasteful-but I had no choice; I was owned by the German Army. Anything I am ordered to do must be done. If the order is not met, the rectifying discipline will be even more distasteful. So I listen to my orders, carrying them out, hoping that the end is near.

Daily Duties. I still frown at that phrase. Some of the duties that I was forced to do are truly unspeakable. Months…and months…and Months ofpointless deaths. There is no true reason except for one man’s sick desires and personal greed. If he didn’t like the colour of your eyes or skin or hair, then you could be killed.

Some of the things that my unit proffered involved stealing of livestock, burning personal property such as houses, barns, and even schools and religious buildings. But the most senseless, inhumane, and non-compassionate duty of all, was the mass executions of innocent people. Families; woman and children, young men and old.

The horror I feel when I hear them screaming as I load my rifle. The screams as the crude metal shards pierce their innocent hearts…theirsouls ; it is unbearable.

Sometimes I would break down and cry-only to be reprimanded by my superiors. We were after all cleansing the earth in the name of God…weren‘t we?

Not only do I have no control over my actions, I no longer have control over my emotions. These are human beings just like me. I am fed up. I want a change-a revolt…

I am now my own leader. I can no longer watch nor engage in the treatment of these people. Am I more worthy than they are in the eyes of God? Do I not also need to eat, drink, sleep as these people do? Do I not need a friend to talk to when I am alone? Do I not love my mother, my neighbor? Would Jesus have walked over these people to be entertained in my company? I ask these questions to myself and the answers haunt my conscience…

No. I am no better than them. I amworse for I misused power over them on the pretense of a great lie…aMaster Lie.

In fact, my actions lead me to think that I will not see one of these faces in the hell that I am going, but in the crimson reflection I will see the horrified faces and uniforms of my nation’s “Finest “. I can take this no longer. I say a prayer at every living moment that the Lord will accept me into His Kingdom.

Now I have come to a decision. I must decide what I am to do as I can no longer carry this burden. I am lesser of these people, not superior. Therefore I have decided to die with them. I must take off my mask-my outer shell which appears to separate me from them, and I shall line up with these people and carry my cross, hopefully, into heaven……..

….I am dead now. My spirit has been relieved of the macabre that I incurred in my life. But death is peace for me because I know that I died for the right reasons. I am at peace and all the people around me are grateful of my presence. No more war…No more violence. I shall live now, and forever, in the house of my Father with my brothers and sisters.



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