Poetry Series: Canadian Smoke



Here’s one that was written as a slow song. This was one of my favorite songs and I wish I could find a recording of it! Although the title reflects Canada, Canada actually has nothing to do with this poem. This was written about an ex-girlfriend who passed away in a car accident 2 years after we broke up. I really did miss her…


Canadian Smoke: A Poem

I’d do anything…

Whatever you need.

I’d go anywhere…

For you.


All those memories

All those nights

All I’m wishing for,

Is you.


If I could change it all

I wouldn’t.

But there’s some things

I would


I can’t take it back now,

But I would if I could


All these changes

Different faces

Turning pages

Changing places


I miss you…

Wish I could hold you



I try to forget you

But your picture remains

In the wall of my mind’s eye.


I can’t erase you

Or pull you from my soul

I’m incomplete now

Just a puzzle with missing peices.


Wish I could see you

Or maybe even call.

I really miss you

I feel like I will fall.


There’s no way back to you

There’s no trace of love.

I miss you…


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