Poem: 8 Pound Balls…

Here is the second installment of my poetry series. This was actually written as song lyrics to a heavy metal song I played when I was in a band that had no name and we played no venues. This was the beginning of my short music career. It was fun though!

8lb Balls

Here to be walked on

Laid down and forgotten

I thought that I knew you

Then all of a sudden


You walked out on me, (B)itch

Now look what you started

Now I am messed up

And down-trodden


Welcome to my dead soul

Nothing but a Black Hole

I can not retrain this

You can not contain us


I can get inside you

Where you wouldn’t want me to

Deap inside your brain cells

Way deep inside you


Let me feel you

From the inside,

Let me feel you

On the inside


4 thoughts on “Poem: 8 Pound Balls…

    • Lol and Aloha Chris! As I said, these were written for a Heavy Metal Band (that went nowhere). Thanks for stopping by. It’s always great to hear from you. By the way, my daughter goes to a Vocational/Trade School and she surprised me today with a 15″ x 12″ laminated copy of the logo you created. She said she wanted to surprise me on her last day of school and that she found the logo on HubPages because she hears me talk about HP a lot. Lol funny you should stop by tonight. I’ll have to take a picture and share it with you. It came out very good! Thanks again my friend.


      • Ya, she’s great Chris. I’m very lucky. Maybe I can get a photo and put it on Facebook and share it with you. Are we connected on FB? It’s not that big…but a lot bigger than the original file!


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