A Series of Poems by JS Matthew…


I got one of those “Your Hub is no longer Featured on HubPages…” emails and I realized that HubPages is not the best platform for posting Poems. So, as a matter of recycling, I will be posting these short poems (that appeared all together in one Hub) here on my blog so that I can eventually delete the Hub. Many of these poems were written years back and many were penned during difficult times. Some were written as song lyrics during my musical ventures with the bands. I hope you enjoy them!

Here’s the first in the series…


I Remember…

I remember back to the days of

Changes in Places and Changes in Faces

from different cages and different races.

Filling the pages of our life.

The tryin’ and cryin’

now who is buyin’?

still tryin’ to fly-in,

but never got inside.

All the nights of fights

with great high-lights

While flying kites to

climbing hights and trying

to stay cool on summer nights.

I remember…



“If you don’t want to be Used, then stop breathing; the trees use you with every breath you take.”



7 thoughts on “A Series of Poems by JS Matthew…

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