My HubPage Introducing This Blog: Link Reciprocation…

This is a link to my HubPage that actually introduces this blog. Thinking backlinks are good, this seems like a good idea. Not much new going on. I’m working as I type this (don’t worry, my boss doesn’t mind!) 

My day job is changing every day. The company (I bottle and deliver bottled spring water) was sold to a small group of investors and they are slowly taking over the operation. Since I am the only employee, I have a lot of responsibilities and I will be the plant manager once we get on our feet. 

I really like the new owners. They are Asian like my wife and we get along really well. We are on the same page as far as marketing and moving the business forward so this is a great opportunity for me. I waited a long time for an opportunity like this!

I hope everyone is well and I appreciate all who stop by to read my humble muses. Hope to hear from you soon!