Spring Is Here and So Is The Snow…

This is an Update Post.

What has JS Matthew been up to lately?

Well, since my last post, a bit has changed…except for the snow. It just wont go away!

As many of you may know (but I doubt it because no one really reads my blog…YET! ) a few months ago my hard drive crashed on my computer. I lost between 50,000-75,000 original photos and a bunch of other things I accumulated in the course of 6+ years using the same computer. OK. Lesson learned. Either back up your stuff manually or use the Cloud! Like I said, lesson learned.

One of my colleagues and friends Chris Desatoff who is also a fellow writer on HubPages recently held a contest…and I was one of three winners! Hurray for me! So what did I win? Have a look at my new profile avatar. Yup. I got that awesome artwork for free, just for entering a contest! Lucky me! Now I use it on all my profiles and avatars across the board. I’m styling!

.Image That’s a hand drawn caricature of me! Thanks Chris!

I recently started a job part time working at a liquor store around the corner from my new house. My boss is great and I get a great deal on some stuff. I work mornings part time delivering bottled spring water and I’ll be returning to the Golf Course sometime in early May. I’ve been busy and I wish I had more time to write. I bought 2 big screen tv’s (42″) HD with internet connection. Me likey! So things are good, I am working more than ever (I’m actually at work as I write this…) so I can’t complain. I hope you all have a great Easter! Hope to be writing something soon.




4 thoughts on “Spring Is Here and So Is The Snow…

  1. Hey JS! Thanks for the shout out, man. That sucks about your hard drive. I backed up all my photos from when I had a photography business, but to be honest…that was the first time I ever used an external HD and I’ve never gone back to open those files up. So I don’t really know for sure if I even did it right. How lame is that? lol I hope I did it right.

    Anyways, glad to see that you’re all settled in after the move and getting back to into the swing of things. Have a happy Easter.


  2. Hi Chris and Happy Easter! The hard drive issue really set me back in a lot of ways. I was really upset because many were family holiday photos when the kids were younger. I think I will buy a new hard drive and install it in the old computer. I am finally getting used to Windows 8 (I have to go back to your blog about W8 and finish reading it…) and I am starting to really like it. It’s great to hear from you. Thanks again for the excellent artwork.


  3. I love you avatar and Chris’ work. He does such a great job, maybe I should comission him. As for your computer, that SUCKS! I’m so bad about backing up my hard drive stuff and I know it’s just so stupid. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Hi Julie! I highly recommend Chris’s work. He is very talented and such a nice guy. I was very lucky to win this art work from the contest! I have been backing my new stuff up on the cloud with my new computer. I think its the best, safest and easiest way to keep things safe. Thanks for dropping by!


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