Have You Heard About Blogmutt?



What’s Blogmutt you ask? If you click that link you will see my full review on HubPages! Anyway, it is a blog writing service where clients hire writers to post blogs for them. Many clients are either too busy or aren’t writers and so they hire Blogmutt to have people write for them. The client gets to submit a form that tells the writer exactly what they want including article length (usually 300-350 words), desired keywords, etc. 

The customer can review what you posted and either accept it, ask for revision, or reject it (you can re-circulate rejected posts!) Average rate of rejection is -10% and so far I have written 5 posts where 2 were accepted and the other 3 are waiting to be reviewed. The best part is if you are a decent writer you can crank out a 350 word blog post in less than an hour. For every post that gets accepted you earn $8.00! Not bad! 

You can invoice once per week and get paid once per week (usually Mondays or Tuesdays) and there is No Minimum payment threshold! You don’t have to get paid every week and you can let your earnings grow! Guys, I don’t endorse anything unless I believe in it and have tried it myself. If you are interested in this opportunity go to Blogmutt and scroll all the way to the bottom. Click on the link for Freelance Writing Opportunities and get started. Be sure to them JS Matthew sent you!

Happy Blogging!




2 thoughts on “Have You Heard About Blogmutt?

    • It’s pretty cool CC (may I call you CC?) Once you get the hang of it you can make money pretty quickly. I’ve made $32 so far but I have been having computer problems lately and haven’t been online as much. I’m getting a new computer really soon so expect to see me on all the platforms. Thanks for following me here. It’s great to connect!


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