Update on Today… Just So I Can Say I Wrote Something!

I am Moving Forward as I mentioned in my blog post yesterday. I got 2 main things done today that I have been putting off. First, I painted the trim in my kitchen which is the last room I have to paint in the new house. I moved about 2 weeks ago from a city to a town/from an apartment to a house. I am not finished and I have been working a lot over the last few weeks. The cold New England weather never helps.

The other thing I did that I have been putting off is to purchase and read a a book on Amazon that was written by one of my colleagues Julie Deneen. It was a tough read. Very emotional and very “controversial”.  Julie went through something that most people have never heard of, myself included. I have to tell you that tears came to my eyes while reading this book.

I don’t know how to explain what the book was about so I will use the author’s description from Amazon. I have to warn you that this is NSFW and may not be for all readers. Please be advised: this book deals with Sexual Content and some even stranger stuff. Here is the description:

Adoptive reunions are emotional events. The reconnection with my father in 2011 was right out of a storybook- father and daughter back together after so many years of separation. What started out as a fantasy, quickly turned into a nightmare as an unusual and little known phenomenon called genetic sexual attraction took hold of our relationship.

What child looking for their parent imagines a situation in which the roles of lover and father get mixed up? I was happily married and raising three children. Unprepared for the intensity of love and affection I felt for him during our reunion, I ignored the signs of danger as our relationship continued at intense speed. Boundaries blurred and my desire to know him ignited a sexual passion that turned his, “I love you’s,” into, “I want you.” The experience caused me to question and rebel against every rule I had known about incest, parental love, and psychological abuse.

Plunged into the depth of this haunted taboo, I felt both love and murderous hate towards the man who gave me life. If I turned away from this twisted relationship, would I lose the father I had just found?

As a survivor of genetic sexual attraction, I co-own a website, blog, and online community that supports individuals who are struggling with GSA.

This is my story. It is dark, graphic, and difficult for many to understand. I feel it necessary to disclose this information so any and all readers understand what they are buying.

If you have ever reunited with a long lost parent, this book is for you. If you are someone who has been in a twisted and complicated abusive relationship, this book is for you as well. I hope my story will help others who find themselves in a confusing adoptive reunion.”

Here is a link to purchase the book on Amazon Kindle: Wanted: A Memoir by Julie Deneen it’s only $3.99 and is worth every cent. It is a story of human tragedy, emotional overload and triumph.

All I can say is that I respect Julie for coming out with her story to help others. She really is an amazing person and her husband Andrew is a Saint for understanding and supporting her through her ordeal. They have a marriage that is truly blessed and her children are very lucky.

So that’s what I did today; got 2 things off my bucket list. I will sleep well tonight and will work hard tomorrow. Isn’t that what we do? Well, I am moving forward as the world turns. Thanks for reading and I look forward to tackling tomorrow’s challenges. Good night and see you on the rebound…



6 thoughts on “Update on Today… Just So I Can Say I Wrote Something!

  1. Congrats again on the move, JS. I am also friends with Julie via HubPages and Facebook, but I have yet to read her book. I actually have a lot of catching up to do first, including Bill Holland’s book, which I bought last month but have yet to sit down and read LOL

    Here’s to new things! =)

    • Hello Chris!

      Thanks! I am 99% finished moving. A few things left in the old basement but we have a few feet of snow here so… Julie is an amazing person and she has an incredible story to tell. I suggest you read her book as you won’t be able to put it down! What was Billy Buck’s book about? I didn’t know he published a book. Justin William Price (aka PDXKareokeGuy) and Deborah Brooks Langford also recently published some books. All can be found on Amazon of course. I know it is hard to find time to read when we do a lot of writing. I always try to read a few friends posts every day. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the comment!


  2. Okay, I feel like a schmuck. First, because I missed this post :/ (I read so many blogs if people don’t paste the links in front of my eyeballs I just forget) and two, because I never thanked you for this blog post! Wow. I’m speechless (and that is hard to do).

    It’s very obvious to me that you are one of those rare people that really knows how to encourage other writers. SO many people in the business only do it so that others will notice them (you scratch my back, I scratch yours kinda deal), but here you wrote this and never even got my attention in hopes I’d splatter it everywhere on my profiles?

    I don’t know…very moved and appreciative. Thank you.

    • Hi Julie! Don’t feel like a shmuck. I know you are busy and I just started this blog recently and have yet to formally market it. I like to give credit where credit is due. Your book was truly amazing and well written. I love to see my friends do well and I try to help in ways that I can. I am slowing things down a bit and trying to maintain a small group of blogging friends. Going nuts on HubPages just isn’t working for me any more. I am still there but much less frequently. I am glad that you found this and happy that you liked it. Looking forward to reading your future novel, and yes, I’ll promote that as well. Thanks for stopping by!


    • Hi Susan! It’s great to see you here. Julie’s book is truly an amazing story. It’s hard to put it down! I’m glad you found and follow my blog! Thanks for stopping by.


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