Update on Today… Just So I Can Say I Wrote Something!

I am Moving Forward as I mentioned in my blog post yesterday. I got 2 main things done today that I have been putting off. First, I painted the trim in my kitchen which is the last room I have to paint in the new house. I moved about 2 weeks ago from a city to a town/from an apartment to a house. I am not finished and I have been working a lot over the last few weeks. The cold New England weather never helps.

The other thing I did that I have been putting off is to purchase and read a a book on Amazon that was written by one of my colleagues Julie Deneen. It was a tough read. Very emotional and very “controversial”.  Julie went through something that most people have never heard of, myself included. I have to tell you that tears came to my eyes while reading this book.

I don’t know how to explain what the book was about so I will use the author’s description from Amazon. I have to warn you that this is NSFW and may not be for all readers. Please be advised: this book deals with Sexual Content and some even stranger stuff. Here is the description:

Adoptive reunions are emotional events. The reconnection with my father in 2011 was right out of a storybook- father and daughter back together after so many years of separation. What started out as a fantasy, quickly turned into a nightmare as an unusual and little known phenomenon called genetic sexual attraction took hold of our relationship.

What child looking for their parent imagines a situation in which the roles of lover and father get mixed up? I was happily married and raising three children. Unprepared for the intensity of love and affection I felt for him during our reunion, I ignored the signs of danger as our relationship continued at intense speed. Boundaries blurred and my desire to know him ignited a sexual passion that turned his, “I love you’s,” into, “I want you.” The experience caused me to question and rebel against every rule I had known about incest, parental love, and psychological abuse.

Plunged into the depth of this haunted taboo, I felt both love and murderous hate towards the man who gave me life. If I turned away from this twisted relationship, would I lose the father I had just found?

As a survivor of genetic sexual attraction, I co-own a website, blog, and online community that supports individuals who are struggling with GSA.

This is my story. It is dark, graphic, and difficult for many to understand. I feel it necessary to disclose this information so any and all readers understand what they are buying.

If you have ever reunited with a long lost parent, this book is for you. If you are someone who has been in a twisted and complicated abusive relationship, this book is for you as well. I hope my story will help others who find themselves in a confusing adoptive reunion.”

Here is a link to purchase the book on Amazon Kindle: Wanted: A Memoir by Julie Deneen it’s only $3.99 and is worth every cent. It is a story of human tragedy, emotional overload and triumph.

All I can say is that I respect Julie for coming out with her story to help others. She really is an amazing person and her husband Andrew is a Saint for understanding and supporting her through her ordeal. They have a marriage that is truly blessed and her children are very lucky.

So that’s what I did today; got 2 things off my bucket list. I will sleep well tonight and will work hard tomorrow. Isn’t that what we do? Well, I am moving forward as the world turns. Thanks for reading and I look forward to tackling tomorrow’s challenges. Good night and see you on the rebound…



How To Throw the Ultimate Super Bowl Party!

Maybe this is your first time planning and hosting a Super Bowl Party…maybe you are just looking for some Fresh Ideas. This article covers Everything you need to know including how to keep the kids busy, great recipes you probably never heard of and so much more! So stop worrying about the planning and follow this handy guide. May the best team win!


A New Year… A New Me?

I’ve been slacking lately. It doesn’t help that my hard drive on my laptop failed and now I am forced to use a shared computer with the kids. This computer is slow and I think it may have viruses because it acts weird. Plus, the chair is too low and my wrists start hurting after a few minutes typing…

Wait, isn’t the title of this a “New” me? Then why am I still complaining? That’s one of the biggest changes I want to make this year. I want to stop being so critical of others around me and just let life happen. I’ve always been a perfectionist and I have to admit that the wife and kids are not. This often causes clashes because I need order and sometimes they like disorder.

But we are humans and we can change. So I vow in this New Year, to stop complaining and be more positive. I also want to write more and that is why I started writing this blog (I joined WordPress a few years ago but did nothing until now!) My ultimate goal is to make enough enough money as a freelance writer so that I can eventually do this full time.

So here’s to a new year with new hopes and desires, new goals and better opportunities!



Learn WordPress Step by Step!

If you are anything like me, you may often join a site with good intentions and once you are all signed-up, you do absolutely nothing with it! I am guilty of this but I decided to open an email sent to me by WordPress back on June 26 of last year. It was “Learn WordPress.com” and I opened it once and left it in my in-box for that day I would “have time” to go through the whole guide (about 11 pages with lots of information!) Well friends, today is the day that I Made time! This is a very useful guide published by WordPress themselves and if you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest that you do to make the best of your blogging experience. The guide explains a lot of things including the icons and language used exclusively on the site. I learned a lot today and I am happy to share the link with you! Regards!